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Morgan Philips Greater China Talent Report, now in its 7th edition, takes the pulse of over 3000 Greater China professionals and executives. For the first time, this year, the research was conducted in partnership with Assessfirst, a leading global on-line provider of talent assessment solutions in order to drill deeper into work culture and leadership style preferences.

The research revealed the following trends.

  • Salary increases secured when changing jobs continued to decelate in 2016; however the job market remained active and intentions to change jobs in 2017 are higher than those expressed a year ago. This indicates a pause in salary increases rather than in job creation.
  • Middle age and senior professionals are keenest on changing jobs in 2017. Is this perhaps the expression of work fatigue? As age increases, an emphasis on work-life balance becomes more important as a reason for changing jobs.
  • After career advancement and money, company culture is a strong motivator to change jobs in 2017.
  • 44% of respondents voice their preference for employers with a competitive work culture and directive leadership style. 27% say that they blossom in an innovative environment and only 17% in a collaborative culture.
  • And for the vast majority of respondents, change agents and entrepreneurs will be the ones to succeed in 2017.

“The questions asked are inspired by our daily practice of searching for and attracting the right talent” commented Christine Raynaud, Greater China CEO and the author of the report. “In our experience, 2016 proved to be a year when no company could remain still or unchallenged in Greater China, be it international companies with  growth, pricing and productivity pressures, China firms with big global ambitions, or new market entrants seeking growth and opportunities where others saw slowdown and restructuring”

In 2017, employers and talent link success with their ability to change and compete fiercely throughout  another challenging year.

Click here to download 2017 Morgan Philips Talent Report

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