Our Innovative Sourcing Methods

We have reinvented sourcing, enabling us to scan the entire market for potential candidates for each assignment, with a double approach – pull and push.

PULL : we are able to identify and approach many candidates who are off the radar for other recruitment agencies or for companies’ HR departments; using three complementary methods:

A global database :

connecting our different countries, enabling all our consultants to share information on candidates in real time, everywhere in the world.

Research centres :

our four research centres bring together 14 nationalities speaking 20 different languages. Firstly, our researchers work on all relevant digital databases (around 500) for each assignment, which enables us to identify the best profiles anywhere in the world, whether they are actively seeking a new challenge or not. Furthermore, our teams of researchers are highly experienced in direct approach and have proven their effectiveness in finding and attracting the best talent everywhere in the world.

The club 5000:

with the Morgan Philips experts club, you will have access to a global network of recommendations. Our community of experts – the 5000 Club – brings together several thousand experts, enabling us to activate, in just a single click, several hundred networks so as to find the best talent. This method of recommendation enables us to make contact more easily and more effectively with high level talent. Each expert chosen by the consultant in charge of the assignment will receive, confidentially, the job description of the vacancy and can then recommend candidates from his or her network. If a candidate recommended in this way is recruited, the expert is rewarded by MORGAN PHILIPS EXECUTIVE SEARCH. This system is very effective in accessing the ‘hidden’ talent market.

PUSH : our objective is to make our searches highly visible (except when they are confidential). To do this we have set up a unique system to publicise our vacancies on the internet with just a single click. Our assignments are seen on average 28 million times per month on social networks – Linkedin, Facebook, Viadeo, Xing, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Google+ and Wechat.

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