Facilities and Service Engineer

Facilities and Service Engineer



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Job details

2019-07-03 11:52
Support/Customer Service

Job description

Job Description

TitleFacilities and Service Engineer - Based in Shanghai

Key Outputs: What we can expect from you:


  • Shanghai Office Security Arrangements (including both on-site Security System, and 3rd Party Services)
  • (Includes the separate Access Control arrangements for Office, Laboratory, Maintenance and IT colleagues/contractors)
  • Shanghai Office Reception Services (Personal Welcome and Telephone Receptionist)
  • Shanghai Office Services (Desks, Stationery, linkage to 3rd Party Office Maintenance services)
  • Shanghai Office Meeting Rooms Set-Up (particularly for large meeting rooms, with set-up assistance from Site Stewards)
  • Shanghai Office Pantry Services and Staff Canteen Arrangements (including servicing from 3rd Party Contractor)
  • Shanghai Office Special-Meeting Catering Services (from 3rd Party Supplier for Customer, Supplier and Events)
  • Shanghai Office Cleaning Services (from 3rd Party Supplier)
  • Shanghai Office Goods Receipt and Dispatch, and on-site storage management (assisted by 2 Site Stewards)
  • Shanghai Office Sample Shipping
  • Shanghai Office Waste Management
  • Shanghai Office Operating Cost Budgeting and Management
  • Shanghai Office Landlord Liaison
  • Government Authorities Liaison

Third-Party Service Contracts

  • Preventative and Responsive Maintenance Services
  • Security Services
  • Cleaning Services
  • Catering Services (Servicing of Pantries)
  • Catering Services for Special Events (could be from same supplier as above, but equally may be separate)
  • Offsite Oil and Component Storage, Sample-Decanting and Delivery Services
  • Waste Management Services (General “Household” Waste, and Laboratory Waste Streams)
  • Sample Shipping Services (to Milton Hill and Linden for large scale blending, to customers; also managing of incoming samples from customers, plants and our other sites MH/Linden/Singapore/Japan)
  • Analytical Services (SGS, Intertek or possibly NSF)
  • Utilities (Electricity, Water and Sewage)

A successful candidate is likely to have:

  • Facilities Management
  • Service Contracts Management
  • Health & Safety Systems Management (not requiring “professional qualifications” as such)
  • Environmental Services Management
  • Security Systems and Services Management
  • Budgeting and Cost Management
  • External “local” communications (in conjunction with Marcom)
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Excellent English and Mandarin language capabilities
  • Strong Prioritization Skills
  • Superb Active-Listening Skills!
  • Attention to detail and overview
  • Calm and methodical in a crisis!
  • Ability to manage ambiguity
  • Self-starter
  • Strong Leadership and Chairing Capabilities

Qualified and interested Parties please apply with your CV and latest salary in Word format to
Please note, that while Morgan Philips welcomes and appreciates all candidate response, volume of replies allows us to respond to short-listed candidates only. Resumes are collected for recruitment purposes only.

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