Account Manager, Plastics Additives

Account Manager, Plastics Additives



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Job details

2019-12-10 16:11

Job description

Account Manager

部门/Division: 化工部/Chemical

汇报对象/Report to: 下游销售经理/Downstream Sales Leader

工作地点/Location: 上海/Shanghai

主要职责/ Key Duties and Responsibilities


This position is established to support the continuing expansion of company’s Chemical business in Asia.

  1. 直接深入地了解聚烯烃尤其聚丙烯下游市场,以促进化工产品的销售。
    Direct and in-depth understanding of downstream market for polyolefin especially polypropylene, in order to promote chemical products.
  1. 能够与PP / PE塑料原料的终端用户(注塑,挤出或其他加工企业,品牌商等),以及聚烯烃生产企业对接,促进透明剂/成核剂的产品销售并提供服务。需有足够的沟通能力和行业背景,并能良好地与聚烯烃产业链各个环节参与者沟通。
    Able to interface with end users of PP / PE plastic raw materials (injection, extrusion or other processing companies, brand owners, etc.), as well as polyolefin manufacturers, to promote the sales and provide services of clearing agents / nucleating agents. Must have sufficient communication skills and industry background, and be able to communicate well with participants in all levels of the polyolefin industry chain.
  1. 日常关键客户管理和维护,能够与客户建立信任并互动,及时有效的影响其决策配合公司整体战略。
    Key accounts management and maintaining, able to build trust and interact with customertimely and effectively influence their decisions and cooperate with the company overall strategy.
  1. 具备在指定领域和行业内的新开户开发能力,同时发掘新的潜在机会,如聚烯烃材料的新应用,以促进化工产品的销售并提供服务。
    Have the ability to develop new customers in certain designated regions and industries, while exploring new potential opportunities of polypropylene new application, to promote the sales and service of chemical products.
  1. 对聚烯烃产业链有一定的理解,能够对聚烯烃特定应用领域未来趋势有一定见解。出席行业会议,论坛以及技术会议以促进PP/PE及其他化工产品的销售。
    Have a certain understanding of the polyolefin industry chain, and have some insights into the future trends of specific application areas of polyolefin. Attend industry conferences, forums and technical meetings to promote sales of PP / PE and other chemical products.
  1. 不断收集竞争信息,并报告给管理层。
    Continuously gather competitive information and report to management.
  1. 使用电脑和电子邮件,以应对全球业务单元与业务要求。经过培训后可以良好使用公司CRM系统。
    Use computers and email to respond to global business units and business requirements. Well conduct with CRM system after training.
  1. 其他工作需要的相关工作内容。
    Other related work accordingly to the work requirements.

职务要求/ Requirements

  1. 学士或硕士学位,高分子材料、化工、或其他科学专业
    Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, Polymer materials, Chemical or other science majors.
  1. 在塑料行业3-6年的工作经验,熟悉聚烯烃包装、家电、汽车改性以及管材等下游终端市场。
    3-6 years experiences in the plastics industry, familiar with downstream end market such as PP/PE packaging, household appliance, automotive compounding and pipe etc.
  1. 必须具备同各个大型国企、跨国公司,和本地小公司的各个层面之间的联络能力。也能通运营及各管理层皆有良好的主观能动的发展关系
    Must have the ability to communicate with various high-level companies of large state-owned enterprises, multinational companies, and local small companies. Can also have good subjective and active development relations with lower operations and various management
  1. 能适应企业文化,及拥有战略性思维的能力。作为一个“大使”,代表公司销售产品和理念,提供服务和满足业务需求。
    Ability to adapt to company culture and possess strategic thinking ability. As an “ambassador” to represent in selling products and concept, providing services, and meet business needs.
  1. 流畅,舒适的口语和书面英语者优先。
    Fluent, and comfortable speaking and writing in English is preferred
  1. 该职位需要经常出差。
    Frequent traveling is needed for this position.

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