Medicinal Chemistry Investigator and above

Medicinal Chemistry Investigator and above



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Job details

2019-11-26 18:05

Job description


  • Lead the medicinal chemistry activities of one or more small-molecule drug discovery projects at target validation, hit to lead or lead optimization stages.
  • Work together with core team members across multiple disciplines to design and implement project strategies for the advancement of projects leading to identify high-quality pre-clinical candidates.
  • Independently design biologically active molecules and conduct SAR studies to meet the project goals; design synthetic routes and lead the internal or external chemistry team in the synthesis and characterization of drug candidates for the projects.
  • Work with computational chemistry group to develop structure-based target molecules for projects.
  • Proactively communicate project strategy, critical issues and recommendations to enable appropriate resource decisions.
  • Provide supervision, scientific mentorship and technical training of the team members.
  • Maintain excellent communication across internal and external team members.


  • PhD in chemistry or related discipline.
  • A minimum of five years of experience in medicinal chemistry required; candidates with demonstrable hands-on small molecule drug discovery and pre-clinical development experience in pharmaceutical/biotech industry highly desired.
  • Strong track record of individual and team-level contributions to the discovery and pre-clinical development of small molecule clinical candidates supported with high impact publications, oral presentations and patent applications.
  • Excellent background and expertise in organic chemistry with a high level of synthetic skill including novel route design is essential.
  • Demonstrated project leadership experience in leading all stages of small molecule drug discovery with the ability to define strategy and critical decision making.
  • Excellent problem solving and interpersonal skills with the ability to work well with members of the research and management teams in a dynamic and highly collaborative environment.
  • Experience in leading and collaborating with chemistry teams from CROs is a plus but not required.

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