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Job details

2019-10-24 15:14
Human Resources (HR)

Job description

Reporting to management team of the successful candidate will be responsible for overall direction and leadership of the Human Resources function in the Asia Pacific region. You will work with the management teams to provide expert advice to support the achievement of business goals/strategy and development of a highly performing organization, and ensure all Human Resource activities are in accordance with best practices and in alignment with Corporate policies, procedures and plans.
The successful candidate will support change, development and restructuring activities through specialist HR services including organizational analysis and development, recruitment, on-boarding, employee development, compensation and performance consulting.

Key Responsibilities:
Strategic/Policy Accountabilities
- Develops and implements effective local human resource strategy, policy, practices and systems and ensures the company applies these by providing expertise and performance monitoring.
- Provides pro-active strategies and advice concerning employment related legislation, particularly where legislative changes occur.
- Monitors best practices in the HR field, and where appropriate, introduces these practices to Asia Pacific.
- Supports BU team in the development and implementation of global strategic HR plans, global HR systems and best practice global policies and procedures.
Functional Accountabilities
- Support the management teams to implement and facilitate organizational design, workforce planning and change management processes to ensure that teams in Asia Pacific are appropriately structured and staffed for short and long term.
- Utilizes strategies to enable management to optimize organizational culture and employee engagement for safe, reliable and sustainable operation.
- Ensure effective human resource policies, practices and systems are developed and implemented and the company applies these.
- Ensure systems are in place for the company to be seen as being a learning organization.
- Ensures appropriate remuneration and benefit systems are maintained to attract, retain and motivate employees. Provides guidance and recommendations to local management on compensation matters.
- Ensures appropriate performance management and recognition systems are in place and managers and supervisors exhibit a high degree of competence in their application.
- Ensures employee training and development systems are in place to ensure employees have the skills and competencies for effective performance.
Ensures that robust career development and succession planning processes are in place maximizing use of talent and minimizing attrition risk.
- Ensures that a quality recruitment framework is provided at all levels within the organization.
- Facilitates effective employee / industrial relations by developing appropriate strategies and policies and by providing advice and guidance to local management.
- Ensures robust HR record management and the provision of leading and lagging indicators to the business to optimize decision making and proactive issue management.
- Provides advice and guidance to local management on organizational health / culture issues
Leadership and supervision of the HR team
- Leads and directs HR team to achieve cost effective and customer focused HR service.
- HR annual plans are developed within the context of Global HR strategies.
- Regular coaching of direct reports is provided.
- Short term and long term technical skills of all staff are maintained at an adequate level to effectively support the business.
- Staff compliance with all relevant systems and procedures
- Resource levels within HR are managed to ensure that staff are able to effectively support company activities.
- Sets sound financial objectives, controls costs and manages department annual budget with agreed guidelines. Includes annual development of employee remuneration
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