Engineering Manager

Engineering Manager



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Job details

2019-04-29 16:59

Job description

Job Description

Position: Engineering Manager

Department: Project Team for New Plant

Report to: Project Director

Location: Shanghai


In this position, the engineering manager plays a key role in the overall success of our project by planning, managing, and monitoring engineering functions. You will be responsible for overseeing the project, processes, budgets, and timelines and making any necessary adjustments in order to ensure successful completion. Coordinates all engineering personnel and consultants/contractors.

Background of the job:

The role covers the management and foresight of the project. Manages all engineering activities within the department including design, development, inspection and testing. Implements and maintains overall engineering objectives and initiatives. Leads and develops the engineering team. Oversees a robust project management process and delivery timelines to keep the project on schedule and on budget. Requires a bachelor's or master’s degree of engineering. Typically reports to a head of a unit/department. Typically manages through subordinate managers and professionals in larger groups of moderate complexity. Provides input to strategic decisions that affect the functional area of responsibility. May give input into developing the budget.

The jobholder will hold this position in our Shanghai office and must be willing to be relocated to the plant situated approx. 300km outside Shanghai.


  1. Key Result Areas: Incident free operations, Adherence to SHE guidelines, Compliance with local regulations.

Major Activities:

  • Participate on regular safety training at site:
    • Safety rules and guidelines
    • Operating procedures
    • Incident sharing and learning
    • Permit to work and Risk Assessment, etc.
  • Active support to the safety culture at site and works safely for incident free operation.
  • Understand and follow annual SHE improvement plan for the site.
  • Work in line with SHE KPIs and Targets set by management from time to time.
  • Contribute to Behavior Based Safety (BBS) program at site.
  • Participate on training at site to take BBSO to next level of reporting.
  • Support Site SHE committee to resolve safety issues and drive SHE performance.
  • Be conscious that all incidents including Near Miss at site must be reported, investigated and action items must be tracked to closure.
    • Active use of incident reporting and investigation, MOC, action item tracking
    • Collaborate to track and close all SHE related action items from audit, plant walkthroughs.
  • Support the Asset Manager, responsible for the overall integrity of the site.
    • Contribute to company Asset Care program
    • Take responsibility for maintaining the asset and integrity of the protective system.
  • Follow site procedures aligned with company Guidance Notes.

Accountable for

  • Following and practicing principles of Behavior Safety and Process Safety at site through site rules and procedures
  • Following and practicing Life Saving Rules at site
  • Safety of other Employees, Contractors, Visitors and partners at site
  • Following Permit to Work as per the site procedure
  • Following Management of Change (MOC) as per the site procedure.

Responsible for

  • Participating in HAZOPs at site as per procedure
  • Tracking action items from HAZOP to closure.
  • Work in compliance with all legal regulations.
  • Adherence to site licenses and permits.
  • Participate on the Sustainability program at site.
  • Stop work whenever there is an unsafe condition and immediately inform the Shift Leader and/or Head of Department.
  • Directly intervene with those in his working area not using PPE or not following company standards and procedures.
  • Maintain the respective workplace in order and clean, as per best practices of housekeeping.

Outcome: Zero incident/accident in the plant with sustainable and safe operation.

  1. Key Result Areas: FEL 3

Major Activities:

  • Decide Project Engineering Execution Strategy for the project
  • Multi-disciplinary review and Engineering Integration
  • Review & Approve Project Design Basis, Philosophy & Engineering Deliverables
  • Review & Approve multi-disciplinary work packages
  • Develop workflow and Design Review systems for the project
  • HAZOP / HAZID Reviews
  • Implement Value Engineering with-out compromising Safety & Technical Integrity
  • Support Project team for Master Schedule and Project cost estimate
  • Facilitate Multi-disciplinary Engineering review session
  • Engineering inputs to Legal permitting


  • Freeze FEL 3 package / BEP for the Project for Full Scope Approval
  • Project Engineering with-in Cost & Schedule

  1. Key Result Areas: Detail Engineering & Execution

Major Activities:

  • Prepare / Review & Approve Master Engineering Schedule in alignment with Overall Project Schedule
  • Multi-disciplinary review and Engineering Integration
  • HAZOP / HAZID Reviews
  • Review & Approve Engineering Deliverables / Work Packages for completeness
  • Review & Approve Vendor Documents for completeness
  • Facilitate Multi-disciplinary Engineering review session including 3D Model Review
  • Ensure Tie-ins to existing plant are identified and engineered
  • Establish Document Control strategy and ensure latest revision / updates of AFC version available to site
  • Engineering inputs to Legal permitting
  • Engineering Change Management to minimum
  • Interfacing with Project, Technology, Operations Team, vendors and consultants
  • Support Project / Construction team for Pre & Post-bid technical clarification – Vendors & Contractors
  • Support Construction team for site queries
  • Prepare Engineered Package for Records
  • Prepare As-built Engineering Package for O&M team


  • Rework due to engineering to be minimum
  • Ensure Engineering Assurance and Integrity of the Project & Compliance to latest Codes & Standards
  • Project Engineering with-in Cost & Schedule

  1. This position – and all positions - within the organization requires that the incumbent commit to learning, following and practicing principles of Process and Behavioral Safety as applicable to the position. These are posted within each facility. Each employee must also commit to following Life-Saving rules on a daily basis. These rules are posted within each facility.

  1. Accountable for ensuring that principles are incorporated in all phases of the design and construction and that the company LSR are enforced on a consistent basis.

Outcome: Ensure no LSR violations by contractors engaged in this project.

  1. The position is responsible for the overall execution and success of large greenfield/grassroots capital projects. This person has key impact on:

  • Developing the execution strategy for the project
  • Project planning
  • Construction
  • Budgeting
  • Cost management
  • Communicating and tracking progress
  • Scheduling

Required Profile:

Level of Education & Knowledge

  • Bachelor degree in Engineering
  • Master’s degree in Engineering management or business administration preferred
  • Relevant experience of minimum 10 years
  • Experience working in a project environment
  • Strong English written and oral communications skills required
  • Proficiency in Mandarin strongly preferred
  • China experiences preferred

Technical Skills

  • Write performance reviews and solve internal issues.
  • Discuss and lay out project specifications.
  • Make detailed plans to accomplish goals.
  • Analyze market demand and available resources.
  • Review, approve, or modify product designs.
  • Prepare budgets, bids, and contracts.
  • Knowledge of:
  • Project Engineering Management
  • Estimating
  • Planning
  • Technical specifications and guidelines
  • Technical legislation (i.e. project and construction related)
  • Process safety

Job Requirement:

  • Must be able to climb ladders and stairs
  • Walking up to 8 hours a day
  • Must be able to work in confined spaces

Competencies, Behavioral Skills

  • Position requires strong leadership and influencing skills
  • Analytical and mathematical mind, capable of evaluating and solving various complex problems
  • Strong communication skills (upward, lateral, and downward in organizations)
  • Good understanding of Chinese culture
  • Self-motivated with ability to work in multicultural environment

Result Orientation

  • Strives for world class results
  • Track record of delivery in major projects
  • Maintains standards and technical competency under constant project design pressure


  • Ability to develop and implement strategic technical strategies and standards
  • Takes reasonable risks to achieve results
  • Leads by making reasonable decisions quickly
  • Takes ownership even in ambiguous and uncomfortable situations

Customer Orientation

  • Promotes teamwork throughout the organization
  • Is able to motivate others to achieve high level of commitment
  • Fully utilizes the capability of others

Valuing and Respecting People

  • Proactive team player; is sensitive to the different capabilities of team members
  • Is able to recognize conflicts and take necessary actions
  • Empathizes with someone else’s perspective
  • Is comfortable working with employees from different backgrounds
  • Is accepted by others in a leadership role even without formal authority
  • Involves and trusts the team in decision-making

Reliability and Responsibility

  • Actively works to improve the level of reliability of his/her area of responsibility
  • Ensures compliance in his/her area of responsibility
  • Is consistent in his/her behavior and acts as a role model
  • Focuses on achieving appropriate quality and sustainability of his/her area of expertise

Qualified and interested Parties please apply with your CV and latest salary in Word format to

Please note, that while Morgan Philips welcomes and appreciates all candidate response, volume of replies allows us to respond to short-listed candidates only. Resumes are collected for recruitment purposes only.

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