Technical Expert

Technical Expert



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Job details

Asia - Other City
2019-07-08 09:42

Job description

Title: Industrial Expert
Location: South Korea – Changwon (South of South Korea)


  • Provide solutions to improve productivity through optimizing current plant layout, production process and other processes
  • Introduce the manufacturing frameworks of High-Tech and Well-Automated factories in the world and pinpoint the difference in process and facility to catch up the leading companies.
  • Responsible for introducing:
    • Advanced equipment / Manufacturing and Operation method of other specific companies.
    • -Coordination of factory tour and conducting interviews with the facility staff.
    • Reports about plans for advancement in productivity and facilities
  • Work closely with Manufacturing, Engineering, EHS team and other operation team members to enhance performance of the plant
  • Responsible for improving operation capability, efficiency as required
  • Responsible for plant expansion if required
  • Responsible machinery upgrade, design of process if required


  • 10+ years of experience encompassing Engineering or Manufacturing operations or related fields in the heavy industrial sector
  • 5+ years of experience in equipment investment/management for Medium/High Voltage Motors
  • Experienced in building new plant – motor preferred
  • Proven planning, management and leadership skills
  • Strong problem solving capabilities, project management skills and interpersonal and communication skills
  • English speaking skill is a MUST; Korea will be advantage and any other local language welcomed


  • Hyosung Corporation consists of 7 Performance Group (PG) such as Chemical PG and Advanced Materials PG, and each PG contains several Performance Unit (PU).
  • Electric motor division belongs to ‘Industrial Machinery PU (IM PU)’ in ‘Power & Industrial Systems PG’. Based on years of experience and technological progress, we produce a vast range of motors from low to high voltage and are equipped with maximum 20,000kW production line, manufacturing more than 90 High Voltage Motors per month.
  • IM PU have been trying to improve motor designing and manufacturing techniques to perfectly meet global standards and to provide better service to the customers.
  • IM PU is now looking for experts who are highly professional about manufacturing facilities with years of experience in a global electric motor company for better value creation.

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