NPI Manager

NPI Manager



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Job details

2019-04-01 16:47
Consumer Electronics

Job description

The NPI Manager/ Sr. Manager will be based in Zhuhai.

He/She will be responsible to lead and manage the NPI engineering team members in order to achieve the goal which are time to delivery, high yield & low cost.

  • Responsible for new project development, new technology innovation, whole process engineering work include tooling, molding, stamping, decoration and assembly
  • Be responsible for leading and managing the entire NPI activities which related to technical aspect and interfaces with customer and ensures to build the product are met.
  • Assist PM on customer’s RFQ by providing process requirement, material, equipment & resources.
  • Provide technical leadership and guidance / input within project execution team. Holds new product start up meetings, NPI readiness review meetings, NPI Qualification build and pilot build review meetings and product transfer meetings with relevant department and/ or customer.
  • Develop team composition and formation, NPI checklist using FPLC, implementation plan and schedule.
  • Review and approve NPI phase gate checklist
  • Execute regular reporting of NPI activities, issues and opportunities at the customer
  • Participate in the daily / weekly NPI meetings.
  • Conduct engineering risk analysis on the project. Alert team / management of any urgent issues/ risk concerns. Prepare presentations of the project internally and externally.
  • Participate in weekly and any conference call that may be necessary between divisions & customer. Highlight issues & concerns that may impact schedules. Take meeting minutes for distribution.
  • Identified the skill of the staff and provide technical training to the staff to ensure core competencies in NPI.
  • Develop and implement Hoshin
  • Participate in all the build (pre-pilot, pilot) and review the result


  • Associate degree with mechanical, engineering, electronic and other related majors;
  • Strong background in plastic tooling design/molding/stamping/decoration/assembly, multiple industry is preferred;
  • 10+ years related industry engineering management experience;
  • Good English communication skill, both in spoken and written.
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