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Operation Director



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Job details

2019-05-06 15:06

Job description

Our client is a Finnish biotechnology company that develops, produces and markets antibodies, antibodies service and antigens for IVD industry as well as diagnostic rapid tests for human healthcare worldwide.

  • Screen & select space for office, R&D, QA, QC, production and storage purpose to meet business requirement/demand寻找并选择满足业务需求的办公、研发、质保、质控、生产及储存场地 Responsibilities
  • Screen & select service supplier to complete the designing & construction of facility for office, R&D, QA, QC, production and storage purpose 寻找并选择合适的服务商,完成办公、研发、质保、质控、生产及储存等场所和设施的设计及建造
  • Build, develop & manage a qualified local operation team including QA, QC, production, etc.组建、发展并管理包括质保、质控、生产等功能的本地优秀运营团队
  • Efficiently arrange activities including planning, procurement, QC, QA, etc to meet the requirement of business, and ensure the timely fulfillment of customer order/demand 根据业务需求,高效地进行计划、采购、生产、质控、质保等活动的安排,并确保客户订单及需求的及 时满足
  • Design suitable system to reduce potential risk in operation, figure out problem quickly, develop & implement solution timely to resolve problem & reduce loss if happen 设计合适的体系以减少运营中的潜在风险,及时发现问题,在问题发生后及时提出并执行问题解决方案 以减少损失
  • Lead, coordinate and ensure to gain ISO13485 certificate latest in 2020 and all activities in China meet the guideline/requirement of ISO13485主导、协调并确保公司最晚于 2020 年获得 ISO13485 证书,且在中国的所有活动符合 ISO13485 的要求
  • Keep close & constant communication with representatives from Operation at headquarters, local R&D, Sales & Marketing department, understand short-term business requirement and long-term strategic demand, and optimize operation to meet short-term need temporary or adjust the operation to fit long-term strategy 与总部运营部门、国内研发及市场销售部门保持密切沟通,了解短期业务及长期战略需求,并及时对运 营进行临时优化以满足短期业务需要,或调整运营以适应长期战略。

  • Master degree or higher in a Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Immunology, Pharmaceutical, or other Life Sciences, discipline生物化学、细胞生物学、免疫学、药学或其它生命科学相关硕士或以上学位
  • Excellent English level in reading, writing, listening & speaking优秀的英语听、说、读、写能力
  • >5 years IVD raw material antibody production related experience, operation experience within IVD industry will be a plus三年以上 IVD 抗体原料生产相关经验,有 IVD 行业运营/生产经验者优先
  • >3 years of team management experience三年以上管理经验
  • Experience on ISO13485, QA, QC related management strongly preferred ISO13485, QA, QC 相关管理经验者优先

Qualified and interested candidates please contact: 17746500664 / kate.li@morganphilipscn.com

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