Applied Technology Manager APAC

Applied Technology Manager APAC



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Job details

2019-07-08 09:48

Job description

Job Title: Applied Technology Manager

Direct Line: Global Head Application Development / Business Director APAC

Location: Shanghai

Purpose of role

  • Coordination of applied technology services and management of innovation in the Asia Pacific North and South regions, offering technical support to customers and distributors thru Lab projects, trainings and technical information. Be responsible to manage the technical pipeline.
  • Bring new products to Asia Pacific regions to meet the required market growth, thru new products qualifications and competitors/market evaluation.
  • Develop and execute the technical strategy for Asia Pacific regions.


  • Coordinate the general activities of the application laboratory and services to direct customers, distributors and internal clients (commercial area, QC, among others) in the Asia Pacific North and South regions.
  • Coordinate and carry out technical visits for customers and distributors, building a relationship of trust and aiming to meet customer needs through technical solutions (new concepts of market trends, formulations), consequently bringing new business to the company.
  • Promote constant communication and strategy alignment with global teams (technical and MKT), representing the region and its needs, and ideally reproducing product launches, formulations in the region, as well as actively contributing to new developments and suggestions at global level.
  • Organize internal and external trainings and workshops sharing more technical know-how with customers, distributors and commercial team, besides representing technically in events with lectures, participation in round tables and discussions in the area.
  • Develop regional team technical and professional skills by utilizing internal and external resources.
  • Be aware to market movements, mainly related to competitors, news and / or difficulties, always communicating to the superior the relevant topics.
  • Assist the sales team in case of quality issues and definition of the tariff number of the products.Develop and train the technical team in their responsibility, ensuring the full operation of the laboratory and technical support of the region, in addition to the succession plan.
  • Maintain constant contact with sales and innovation, in order to identify potential in strategic customers through proactive projects, made from a thorough study of the customer portfolio, always with an investigative profile to solve problems and capture opportunities. Work in synergy with other departments, participate in decision making regarding the actions of the area, and contribute with market experience, new ideas and review of promotional material.
  • Issue periodic reports to Innovation Management informing the status of the projects.
  • Participation in portfolio training for new products, refreshments, webinars and any other relevant.

Qualified and interested Parties please apply with your CV and latest salary in Word format to
Please note, that while Morgan Philips welcomes and appreciates all candidate response, volume of replies allows us to respond to short-listed candidates only. Resumes are collected for recruitment purposes only.

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