Purchasing Manager

Purchasing Manager



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Job details

2019-11-07 18:36
Supply Chain
Consumer Electronics

Job description



Title: Purchasing Manager (Department Head)

Report to: GM

Subordinations: 10 +

Location: Dongguan

Company Introduction: a world leading EMS company with 300+ employees at Dongguan.

Job description:

  1. Establish and implement purchasing policies, procedures and best practices
  2. Monitor ongoing compliance with purchasing policies and procedures, direct procurement policies to ensure all items are purchased and delivered within budget and time constraints
  3. Identify and source new suppliers and vendors
  4. Manage vendor and supplier selection process based on price, quality, support, capacity and reliability
  5. Develop and maintain strategic relationships with key suppliers and vendors
  6. Measure and manage the vendor and supplier cost, quality and delivery performance
  7. Troubleshoot cost, quality and delivery concerns
  8. Manage risk relating to quality, cost, delivery and supply of purchases
  9. Develop and manage purchasing budgets and forecasts
  10. Monitor and reduce purchase variances to meet profit objectives
  11. Performance manage, develop and motivate purchasing staff
  12. Direct continuous improvement of purchasing processes in line with changing organizational needs and market conditions

Qualification Requirement:

  1. University degree, major in business, materials management, operations management, engineering or related field
  2. Experience in purchasing and procurement of electron components
  3. Supervisory experience
  4. Working knowledge of project management principles and practices
  5. Knowledge of purchasing and supply chain systems, LEAN principles of planning and MRP/ERP systems often required
  6. Good command of skills of communication, negotiating, networking, problem-solving etc.
  7. Fluent English
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