Utility Manager

Utility Manager



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Job details

2019-11-14 09:51

Job description

Job Description

Job Title: Utility Manager

Report to: Engineering Head

Location: Ningbo, Zhejiang

Purpose of role

To ensure the reliable operation of all equipment in the factory, provide high-quality, reliable and compliant daily equipment maintenance support for all departments of the company, lead the high-performance team of the engineering public system, continuously improve the service quality, and ensure that all daily activities meet the company and other quality, safety, environmental protection, and operational requirements. It is the person in charge of the operation and maintenance management of the facility GMP management subsystem facility equipment.

Job responsibilities


  1. Establish and advocate the concept and working methods of MPS and continuous improvement, and actively seek opportunities for improvement, and propose efforts to improve service efficiency and service quality;
  2. Continuously improve the service awareness and safety and environmental awareness of the public system team, and continuously improve the performance of the team;


  1. As the person in charge of the operation and maintenance related management subsystem of the plant facility public system, the leadership team provides quality /

Compliance and quality services related to safety and environmental protection. Ensure that all business processes and results are in compliance with GMP and EHS regulations and company regulations. The specific management subsystem includes not limited to:

1.1 Public system operation

1.2 Utility System Maintenance

1.3 High and low voltage distribution operation and maintenance

1.4 fall protection

1.5 Equipment protection


  1. Manage the public system team, arrange team work and resource allocation reasonably, and ensure that daily operations do not affect the operation of the factory;

  1. Develop, regularly update and implement the rules and regulations of the application of the plant SAP PM system to ensure that the establishment and maintenance of the system's basic data and the recorded data of the equipment operation and maintenance operations not only meet the company's business needs, but also optimize equipment maintenance;

  1. Develop, regularly update and implement the standard operating procedures for the work order system operation of the project maintenance, ensure the system operation is simple and efficient, continuously improve the response and completion quality of the work order, and improve the satisfaction rate of the service customers;

  1. Manage the service plans and operation methods of SAPPM outsourcing service providers to meet the service requirements and the safety, quality and environmental requirements of daily operations;

  1. Develop and regularly update the inventory management methods of factory spare parts, tools and other consumables and consumables, timely purchase and fill the inventory, ensure the correctness of the stock materials, and quickly and efficiently apply the materials;

  1. Develop, regularly update and implement standard operating procedures for facilities and equipment systems within its jurisdiction to ensure the reliability of facilities and reduce operating costs. Some of the power facilities responsible are:

Fire, access control systems and emergency evacuation systems;
Power supply system;
Refrigerator / air compressor
pure water / water for injection / clean steam
Central air conditioning system
Water supply and wastewater discharge systems;

  1. Develop a continuous improvement of the technical level of team professionals, seek the application of high-tech and high-priced equipment or components, and effectively provide electromechanical automation problems or troubleshooting;

Personnel management

  1. Regularly review the staffing and business needs of the engineering maintenance team, propose personnel demand plans, recruit personnel, and be responsible for the training and assessment of personnel in the department to ensure effective resources;
  2. Responsible for the performance management of the public system team personnel, formulate and evaluate the employee's annual work goals, and ensure that the employee's annual goals are consistent with the company's annual goals;
  3. Within the team, create an open, engaging and continuous learning atmosphere, develop and develop employees, meet the needs of business development and personal development of employees, and establish leadership skills and strengthen employee sense of belonging and engagement;


  1. Develop and control the annual budget of the factory support team, and continue to seek various cost savings methods to help the company achieve financial savings goals;

Other duties arranged by the company in addition to the above duties.

Job requirements

Education level: Bachelor degree or above in mechanical and electrical related majors;

Work experience: 8 years of experience in operation or maintenance of power facilities and personnel management, more than 3 years working experience in pharmaceutical companies;

Special skills: proficient in English reading and writing and speaking skills, strong communication and coordination skills.

Qualified and interested Parties please apply with your CV and latest salary in Word format to jonathan.li@morganphilipscn.com.

Please note, that while Morgan Philips welcomes and appreciates all candidate response, volume of replies allows us to respond to short-listed candidates only. Resumes are collected for recruitment purposes only.

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