R&D technical Associate, Adhesive and Coating

R&D technical Associate, Adhesive and Coating



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Job details

2019-07-01 15:37

Job description

&D Technical Associate, Adhesive & Coating

Report to: Technical Leader, Performance Chemicals

Location: Pudong Waigaoqiao, Shanghai


The purpose of the Technical Associate role is to provide laboratory synthesis, analytical, technical service and manufacturing support to scientists, to support the maintenance and growth of the business in target market segments. The Technical Associate is expected to perform all duties in a safe manner, and to maintain a safe operating environment.


  • Contribute to value creation in the working environment through experimental knowledge and healthy behaviors
  • Contribute to value creation in the working environment through in-depth knowledge of own activities and through basic understanding of its relevance
  • Formulate and complete test method developments using relevant scientific theories under minimum supervision
  • Formulate and complete small technical service projects by selecting and applying the appropriate approach and gather informational support, provide technical advice and communicate regularly to internal and external customers
  • Provide input on results by comparing outcomes of previous investigations, or results quoted in literature
  • Participate in the preparation and generation of internal reports
  • Execute experimental programs, meeting deadlines and ensuring quality data produced
  • Modify installations, experimental set-ups, equipment or instruments on the basis of experimental results
  • Routinely purchase standard materials and/or chemicals and contributes to minor changes/improvements to installations or equipment (purchase order input)
  • Monitor the labs to ensure regulations and safety are enforced
  • And other duties as assigned to safely perform



  • Bachelor or Master Degree in relevant field: Biology, Chemistry, Engineering
  • Minimum 5 years related experience preferred
  • Experiences
  • Knowledge and technical understanding in at least two of the following areas – organic chemistry; analytical chemistry; inorganic chemistry; laboratory automation; process technology; etc.
  • Knowledge of processing and evaluating experimental data
  • Ability to organize technical data in support of own and other's work
  • Ability to use specialized instruments, equipment and troubleshoot instruments and equipment
  • Ability to provide factual information for selecting the approach and/or comparison with (experimental) data, according to own insights and/or sources broadly suggested by supervisor or colleagues.
  • Understanding of underlying experimental concepts
  • Ability to formulate the experimental program in detail. Ability to modify as required during the course of the investigation and discusses potential new (experimental) approaches with direct supervisor
  • Ability to develop and conduct presentations
  • Develop ability to coach/mentor lower level technicians
  • Advanced knowledge with relevant health and safety policies with regard to experiments and chemical use (HAZCOM)

If you are interested in this opportunity, pls send your updated CV to elisa.xu@morganphilipscn.com

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