CIO - Chief Information Officer

CIO - Chief Information Officer



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Job details

Taiwan - Taipei
2019-08-22 14:44
IT (Information Tech)
Computer Networking

Job description

Job Title: Chief Information Officer

Location: New Taipei City, Taiwan

Report to: President / CEO

We’re currently looking for the Chief Information Officer (CIO) for a global leading network solution company.

Objective of this role: The CIO oversees the organization's information technology-related strategies and initiatives. Plans for the company's information technology needs and addresses related problems. Analyses information and communicates with other executive board members to make sure everyone stays on the same page. Helps the company move forward with advances in technology and methods of processing and managing information. Serves as a leader, innovator and integrator for the company's information technology department and for the company’s business.


  • Manage and analyze the current inventory of IT applications and systems for business operation’s stability.

Work closely with function leaders and management team to support their initiatives for short-term needs and long-term business growth

  • Collaborate with key business leaders and CEO to measure system and resource use and allocation to optimize quality, security and performance of all services and business processes
  • Responsible for user experience relating to internal customers and external customers such as distributors and end users, to be use a friendly and enable them to do business easily
  • Manage the development and advancement of the company’s IT infrastructure for best suitable cost -effective long-term business needs
  • Bring high impacts to the company’s financial results by introducing new technologies
  • Responsible for future eCommerce strategy and implementation
  • Manage the stability of IT operation and take proactive actions to avoid the risks (Hacking, outage, cyber security, virus, information leakage, etc.)
  • Lead and manage key IT initiatives or projects to achieve successful implementations
  • Act as an innovator to enable new digital business models
  • Act as an integrator between legacy IT and agile IT
  • Lead, manage and develop IT people to be competent, professional, customer oriented and continue advancing with the times


  • Minimum 10 years' experience in information technology and resource management
  • Excellent understanding in new information technologies (cloud computing, analytics, mobile, and social networking) and understand how to apply to business
  • Rich experience in large IT projects implementation (cross business functions and nations) with team size > 40 members
  • Excellent managing skills in software development and design
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills in English
  • ERP/SAP consulting background will be a plus
  • 3+ year's CIO experience preferred

Expectations of this role

The CIO in his central role will act as a business innovator, as an integrator between legacy IT and agile IT, and as a service optimizer. In the future, the CIO will be more important than ever, however, with a changed understanding of roles. Because just technical management, including the operation of the IT and controlling the software development is no longer sufficient. The CIO has to play different roles in order to make his company fit for digitization.

The CIO, as an innovator, does not just focus on technology, but enables new digital business models. Ideally, together with the top management, the CIO is driving forward the digitization strategy, of course in close cooperation with the individual departments. IT is considered to be the main driver of important digital transformation issues such as IoT, advanced data analytics, and Digital Customer Experience.

The IT department must enable the agile and rapid development of applications and services, and also ensure a stable and reliable IT operation. Therefore, the future CIO is particularly in demand as an integrator and link between traditional IT and agile IT. To do this, he/she must build a new digital architecture and, at the same time, gradually modernize existing legacy IT in a longer-term process.

Technically, the CIO provides tools and frameworks for the fast and secure development of software and integrates external services into its own ecosystem with the help of a suitable interface strategy. Organizationally, the CIO interlinks the development and the IT operation in order to provide software faster and with as few errors as possible. Today only a few companies can master the challenges of digitization with the help of their internal IT. One way out for example is therefore the outsourcing of services to the cloud or the support of an external IT service provider. Here, the CIO is in demand as a service optimizer, who cares about intelligent sourcing as a service broker. He coordinates the different services and sourcing partners and links them with the internal IT.

Overall, the CIO optimizes the quality, security and performance of all services, contributing to the company's efficient business processes and business success.

Qualified and interested Parties please apply with your CV and latest salary in Word format to You can also reach us at +886-2-2757-7268#288.

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