C&B Manager

C&B Manager



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Job details

2019-09-09 18:42
Human Resources (HR)
Consumer Electronics

Job description

Please send your profile to yafa.xie@morganphilipscn.com Or contact Yafa via WeChat "yafaxie" if you are interested in this role.



A European manufacturing company in consumer electronic industry with 2000+ people

Job Title, External


C&B Manager

Report to






Roles and Responsibilities


Payroll Supplier Engagement, Pay Record Audits, Payroll Supplier System Upgrades, Statutory Contributions, Tax Filings, Government Compliance, Opportunity and Gap Analysis, Data Management, Documentation and Workflows, HRIS Platform

Key Decisions


Payroll Scheduling Program Selection, Communication Program Selection



Salary system construction progress; Total compensation control; Effectiveness of cost analysis report; Schedule of compensation project (HRIS); Implementation of the group's compensation system; Implementation of the annual salary adjustment program.

Processes and Tools


MS Talent Management, SAP SuccessFactors

Job Information


Develop a compensation and welfare system suitable for the company's development status through internal and external compensation and welfare research and analysis. Make regular statistics on the labor cost data of the group, analyze and manage them, and provide references for the company's labor cost budget, control and optimization (such as economic model). Lead the establishment and implementation of HRIS system, ensure the launch of HR modules as planned, and continuous optimization and maintenance according to business requirements. Supervise and manage the remuneration and welfare teams of MT ZS, and implement the group's remuneration and welfare system.

Promote the performance-driven culture of the company from the perspective of compensation and benefits.

Formulate and implement the annual salary adjustment plan based on the company's salary strategy and performance.

Develop group compensation strategy to provide guidance for promotion, motivation, retention and other work of the company.

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