Packaging Industry Technical Manager

Packaging Industry Technical Manager



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Job details

2019-05-07 16:44

Job description

Position: 包装行业技术经理/ Packaging Industry Technical Manager

Report to: 亚太区市场经理/Asia Marketing Manager

Location: Shanghai

Division: 化工部/Chemical

/ Key Duties and Responsibilities

  • 协助下游销售团队管理战略日化和食品品牌,提供技术支持推进其产品包装材料的替换,采用含有美利肯产品的材料。
  • Working together with downstream sales team on managing strategic CPG and food brands, providing technical service and support in order to promote using PP material containing Milliken additives to replace other material.
  • 发掘包装行业行业其他的材料取代潜在机会(用聚丙烯取代其他材料) 以促进其他美利肯化工产品的销售并提供服务。
  • Capture and develop potential opportunities in packaging market, for material replacement opportunity (Using PP replacing others) to promote Milliken additives and provide service.
  • 作为技术专家帮助客户解决技术问题,展示产品性能,推荐产品方案,成为公司在客户端的技术代表,为客户提供技术培训。Serve as the technical expert to Company customers by troubleshooting technical issues at the customer site, demonstrating Company product capabilities, recommending solutions and serving as the Company representative in technical proposals to the customers. Provide technical training to customers.
  • 参加展会,论坛以及技术会议以促进PP材料及其他化工产品的销售。
  • Attend trade shows, conferences and technical meetings involved in the promotion of PP and other chemical products.
  • 参加展会、学术会议以及相关技术会议,推广美利肯塑料添加剂产品
  • Attend trade shows, conferences and technical meetings involved in the promotion of Milliken PA products.
  • 为销售团队提供技术培训,同销售团队一同参与大客户管理,支持美利肯塑料添加剂业务的开拓
  • Provide technical training for sales team and work with sales team on strategic key account management and support Milliken PA business growth
  • 同上海塑料添加剂实验室及其他区域的实验室一起为客户提供技术支持,给予实验室技术员必要的指导。
  • Working with SH PA lab and other regional labs and US lab on TSR to support customers. Provide guidance to lab associate on TSR projects.
  • 同销售和市场团队一起参与新应用开发项目,为美利肯塑料添加剂产品寻找新的机会。Work with sales and marketing team on application development project to find out new opportunities for Milliken PA products.
  • 同美国研发团队一起提供技术服务,参与新产品的开发和推广。加入全球技术团队分享知识和经验。Work with company chemical’s R&D team in US at Spartanburg on customer support or new product development and promotion. Join global technology platform to share technical information and experience
  • 不断更新聚烯烃工艺技术和塑料加工工艺技术方面的知识,不断收集分析竞争产品的信息Continuously update on the polyolefin process technology and plastic processing technology and gather competitive information.

/ Requirements

  • 学士或硕士学位,聚合物、化学材料科学、或包装专业
  • Bachelor or Masters Degree preferred in Polymer, Chemistry or Material Science or packaging science
  • 在包装行业5年以上的工作经验,了解塑料包装行业,有直接与主要的日化和食品品牌的技术服务方面的工作经验。应具有良好的沟通渠道并很好的尊重他人的工作。
  • More than 5 years’ experience in packaging industry, familiar with the industry and having direct technical service experience with major CPG and food brands. Should have good contacts and be well respected in his current job.
  • 必须具备同各个国际国内日化和食品品牌公司、塑料包装生产公司的市场部门,包装开发部门,技术和生产部门高层之间的联络能力。同较低的运营及各管理层皆有良好的主观能动的发展关系。
  • Must have the ability and presence to contact at high levels of marketing, packaging development, technical and production of local and multi-national CPG & food companies, plastic packaging manufactures. Should be comfortable and willing to develop relationships with lower operational and administrative levels.
  • 在各种包装材料和塑料加工领域(注塑,挤吹,注拉吹,薄膜和热成型)有扎实的知识和经验,能与各个层级的技术人员良好地沟通。有较强的解决技术难题能力。
  • Strong knowledge in various polymer material, polymer processing (IM, EBM, ISBM, film or TF etc), communication capability with technical peers at various levels. Strong problem solving capability is required.
  • 流畅,舒适的口语和书面英语者优先,有其他语言能力者优先。
  • Fluent, and comfortable speaking and writing in English is preferred, other languages are a plus.
  • 该职位需要经常出差。
  • Frequent traveling is needed for this position.

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