Medium voltage drive-Sales Manager

Medium voltage drive-Sales Manager



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Job details

2019-08-29 14:51
Industrial Automation

Job description

Sales Manager- Automation&Drive

  1. 职责与工作任务

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Visit on regular basis customers to, keep/maintain relationship and propose products
  • Visit customers which make enquiries, get all related technical and commercial info and report info to related people involved
  • Prepare visit reports
  • Properly prepare technical commercial offer to customer
  • Prepare sales strategies and approaches
  • Prepare market analysis
  • Receive request from customers, analyze and find solution interfacing with HQ and design departments if required
  • Manage contract acquisition stage
  • Organize and perform site visit in case of need
  • Report to related design departments where the failure is to be considered caused by equipment design

  1. 任职资格

Qualifications & Requirements

Suitable major in automation or electronics or mechatronics

Knowledge of the plc systems

Knowledge of the Drive systems

Basic knowledge of L1/L2 concept

Basic Knowledge of networks (Ethernet), network protocols

General knowledge of metal industry process and process flow

3+ years experience in metal industry and knowledge regarding flat rolling production areas

Full of passion and desire to succeed

Good relational skills

Tidy and methodic

Availability to short but frequent business trips

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