Director, T&I APAC

Director, T&I APAC



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Job details

2019-06-19 14:30
Mining & Metals

Job description

Job Description

Director, Technology and Innovation APAC

Report to: Global T&I VP, Regional BU GM

Location: Shanghai

Position Summary:

Located in location in China, the Director, Technology and Innovation Asia-Pacific leads innovation and technology activities – including research, development, customer engagement, technical support and engineering – across the APAC region in support of the business growth objectives.

This leadership role will engage with customers and lead research and innovation projects using regional teams to develop new products, processes and technology enhancements – with an emphasis on customer-driven solutions. This role is responsible for coordinating work amongst local functions and ensuring strong, effective communications with other regions. In addition, the Regional Director will work to develop research assets within the region.

This role will work closely with his / her regional peers and be a core member of the regional President’s support team to ensure Innovation & Technology supports company goals and objectives.

This role will serve on the the business Technology and Innovation Council and dual report to the VP, Technology and Innovation and Managing Director, APAC.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Collaborate with staff, customers, academics, and others to develop innovative One The company solutions to solve customer problems.
  • Implement a robust T&I process by developing an innovation & technology funnel that will generate and field new regional generated innovative ideas to further develop the technology while remaining consistent with our overall T&I and the BU APAC strategy
  • Field a superior region T&I organization that will seamlessly blend with and enhance the Region commercial organization - implemented along the phase timeline agreed for recruitment
  • Act as a proactive T&I partner for The company APAC T&I Council and the global T&I leadership
  • Key metrics include: innovation ideas identify and added to the Ideabank; new product sales; manage to budget; intellectual property created/acquired
  • Review and approve outside technical and scientific services at the regional level, including but not limited to customer testing inquiry, quality issue checking and technical communication, etc.
  • Create the culture for Innovation, with an appropriate balance of creativity and entrepreneurship, while maintaining safety and delivering results
  • Ensure that IP is maintained and protected while managing the team to meet new product development objectives
  • Operate in an honest and ethical manner
  • Investigate local technology requirements from growing industries in Asia.

Key Qualifications:

  • Post-graduate degree in material science or engineering (Ph.D. required)
  • Minimum of 15 years’ progressive experience in Engineering or material science
  • Minimum of 5 years’ experience in senior leadership position with significant interaction in the executive suite
  • Previous experience in leading R&D funding, development, prioritization and key leadership decisions
  • Global experience in technology and new business development is preferred

Critical Competencies for Success:

  • Strategy and Vision…Excels at developing forward-thinking, solutions-oriented strategies and tactics.
  • Leads with Courage, Energy & Integrity…Creates a climate where honest debate and candor is expected; demonstrates high standards of ethical behavior for self and others.
  • Practical Judgment and Disciplined Problem Solving - Makes effective and timely decisions despite tight deadlines and incomplete information.
  • Performance Driven…Establishes clear ownership for actions and results; effectively delegates and empowers others; consistently meets commitments.
  • Communication…Listens and communicates clearly; keeps others informed and takes ownership of the rationale behind actions, decisions, and plans.
  • Talent Management…Builds high performing, diverse teams and proactively develops and exports talent to other areas of the organization when best for their development.
  • Organizational Agility… Intuitively understands organization dynamics and effectively gets things done both through formal channels and the informal network.
  • Influence…Articulate, strong thought leader and collaborator with the stature, presence and personal qualities to earn the respect of the various constituencies.

Qualified and interested Parties please apply with your CV and latest salary in Word format to

Please note, that while Morgan Philips welcomes and appreciates all candidate response, volume of replies allows us to respond to short-listed candidates only. Resumes are collected for recruitment purposes only.

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