Mapping enables your company to position itself compared to its competitors. In a world where talents are a rare and essential resource in a company’s development, mapping helps human resources managers to identify, recruit, motivate and retain the best.

We offer several solutions:

Talent Mapping

We can provide you with a detailed map of available talents – by sector, by geographic area and by industry, targeted by you. This report includes a comprehensive study of each profile with all information available, in view of a potential contact.

Competition Mapping

We can provide an in-depth competitor analysis including size, structure, management charts, competitive advantages, pricing policies and remuneration strategies.

Salary Mapping

We can provide you with bespoke salary surveys to help you make the right decisions with regards to your staff’s compensation packages. We offer essential information to help you map out how your competitors are remunerating their staff including information on salaries, bonuses, commission structures and incentives, pensions, stock, options, etc.

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