Talent Management

A targeted HR offering for a better match between your talent and your overall strategy.

In the context of the battle for talent and an increasing shortage of skill on the market, a company must be innovative in the way it manages talent in three key areas – acquisition, development and retention.


Within Morgan Philips Group we have created a division specialized in talent management with a specific focus on:

Audit of your recruitment process

We go out among your teams and analyze objectively the level of performance of your recruitment process (timing, participants, sourcing tools, assessment tools, decision making process, etc.)
We will also work with you on putting in place new tools and practices to optimize and streamline the recruitment process (social networks, university yearbooks, job boards, etc.)

Develop and Strengthen your employer-brand

We will guide you in improving the visibility and appeal of your group on the market for attracting talent and also in how to control your brand (digital presence, branding, storytelling, SER, etc.).

Form internationally diverse teams

We will guide you in recruiting and expanding internationally with the selection and onboarding of talent that is not only skilled but also fit to bridge cultures from different horizons.

As a partner in your performance, we will help you to become a professional benchmark, both for your existing staff and for the future talent you wish to recruit.

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